Vision and Values

A dynamic company in the rapidly developing Republic of Azerbaijan, Lankaran Yol Tikinti OJSC is consistently associated with the highest standards of ethics, service, quality, personal attention to clients and integrity. It was because of this integrity the company has had the privilege of leading some of the highest profile often one-of-a kind projects in Azerbaijan.


Since its inception, Lankaran Yol Tikinti culture has thrived on strong principles. From the management down to the workforce, our core values remain the company’s cornerstone.



We at Lankaran Yol Tikinti, set high standards for our business, and we are proactive in looking for solutions for our clients to best achieve their goals. We utilize the best in technological innovation and development as well as encourage new ideas with forward thinking. We will never stop raising the bar. We commit to excellence all that we do. We want to constantly excel at projects and be a sterling example of the future in our industry for years to come.



We remain true to our principles of Honesty, Quality and Hard Work that serve as the fundamental guide for all our business and personal affairs. We take responsibility and accountability for all our words and actions. We possess the highest ethical standards in the industry. Our business is based on trust and we honor our commitments – no exceptions.



We recognize that our primary asset is people. To be successful, we provide opportunity and encouragement to help our people reach their full potential, no matter from what background they are. We aim to provide the best training as we watch our employees strengthen their skills and cultivate the company in success. We treat our people as family. Mutual respect is the foundation for our success.



At Lankaran Yol Tikinti, we have developed a culture that promotes an injury-free environment and we strive and prioritize to have the safest workplace possible for our employees, clients and others who enter our construction sites. We strive to elevate the standards for safety through a vast assortment of methods. Through advanced training and education programs, we similarly make available to our employees the tools, knowledge and resources that are essential in order to increase safety, reduce risk and injury as well as to improve loss control on every project we embark on.



At Lankaran Yol Tikinti, we will withstand the toughest tasks, no matter how daunting it seems. No challenge is too great our too overwhelming. We plan and act carefully taking into consideration the long-term wellbeing of the company and our clients.



We work in all types of environment and as such we make a commitment to the planet, to wildlife and to the communities we work in. We conduct our business in a sustainable manner, never forgoing long term goals for short term gains.



We will never forget our roots. Lankaran Yol Tikinti will always be proud to represent the strong, hard-working and committed people of Azerbaijan.



RAPID PROGRESS BETWEEN DREAM AND REALITY Lankaran Yol Tikinti is a committed company with people working together as a global enterprise whose goal is to be one of the most prominent engineering and construction companies in the world. We strive to make our clients and business partners proud: We are dedicated to giving to the best of our abilities an answer all their needs as well as meet their demands. As we focus on technology, project management and professionalism: We will concentrate on the solid management of resources, integrate global and local perspectives, in addition rely on innovative improvements in engineering and construction.


Health, Safety & Environmental Protection:

Environmental initiatives inside Lankaran Yol Tikinti are consolidated into one corporate organization – Health, Safety and Environment- which works with all levels of the company. We employ an integrated and companywide strategy that includes our services, processes and facilities. This strategy also considers the impacts to our plants as well as our clients. Our strategy is guided by the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy, This Policy ensures that strategy and safety performance targets are set and monitored at the highest levels of the company thus effectively cancelling hazards in construction. Taking into consideration our Lankaran Yol Tikinti OJSC family, the company continuously carries out activities for the creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace while taking into prime consideration the protection of the environment. We take great pains to make sure focus is centered on occupational safety and health, environmental and regulatory compliance through the establishment of companywide strategies to address current and potential future environmental issues associated with our services, facilities and technologies. We will establish stardards, processes and guidelines for tracking our company’s performance in the development, planning, implementation, supervision and completion of all projects.

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