HR Policy

Since our foundation, our people are our vital asset. The individual and collective contributions of Lankaran Yol Tikinti’s people at all levels are crucial to the success of the company. Because of this, we have developed and created policies and practices to assure that our employees enjoy the protection of a productive and friendly working environment. In this competitive industry, as new and diverse problems are encountered and new challenges are met, we trust in our own employees to see this company through. Our people who we treat as family are the backbone, mind and the heart of the company.

It is the interest of Lankaran Yol Tikinti to place its people as the prime fundamental indicator of the company’s success. The company strives to position each employee in accordance to their field of expertise in order to maximize their output as we are committed to promoting a work environment that fosters communication, productivity, creativity as well as employee relationship. In principle, we seek to provide our people with compensation and benefits that are just and equitable for the type of work and geographic location where the work is being performed and competitive with other world class companies.

We are looking for skilled construction professionals

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We're looking for
skilled construction professionals.

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